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FR-2157048-A1: patent, FR-2166331-A1: patent, FR-2170261-A1: patent, FR-2172767-A1: Glucose isomerized to fructose - by isomerase formed by fermentation with streptomyces patent, FR-2175512-A1: patent, FR-2176654-A1: patent, FR-2176675-A1: Mordant polymers - containg n-(3-dialkylamino-2-hydroxpropyl) succinimide groups with improved compatibility for silver halide emul patent, FR-2178189-A1: patent, FR-2179073-A1: patent, FR-2187211-A1: patent, FR-2191874-A1: patent, FR-2194006-A1: patent, FR-2197651-A1: patent, FR-2199449-A1: patent, FR-2200187-A1: patent, FR-2202795-A1: patent, FR-2206249-A1: patent, FR-2206425-A1: patent, FR-2208143-A1: patent, FR-2209066-A1: patent, FR-2209079-A1: Dispositif de percussion pour appareils piezo-electriques, en particulier pour briquets patent, FR-2210070-A1: patent, FR-2213806-A1: Temperature control system - for an enclosure, the double walls of which constitute a thermometer patent, FR-2215376-A1: patent, FR-2219191-A1: patent, FR-2224856-A1: patent, FR-2225128-A1: patent, FR-2226155-A1: Hair tonic - contg snake serum patent, FR-2226626-A1: Capturing solar radiation - heat produced by parabolic section mirrors is stored in refractory block patent, FR-2226707-A1: patent, FR-2227522-A1: patent, FR-2227665-A1: patent, FR-2228105-A1: Mineral oil lubricant contg polydiolefin additives - prepd by polymn and hydrogenation in oil as reaction medium patent, FR-2228605-A1: Punching press compensation system - hydraulic cylinders opposed part of force of ram patent, FR-2232044-A1: patent, FR-2233623-A1: Densitometer for element concentration measurement - uses a light path through which the substrate is moved patent, FR-2235092-A1: Incineration of waste water in combustion chamber - burning hydrogen with oxygen obtained by electrolysis of the water patent, FR-2235658-A1: Fastening mechanism for chain bracelet - pair of spring loaded half-links slide transversely on plate patent, FR-2237191-A1: patent, FR-2237880-A1: patent, FR-2238040-A1: Electrically driven ship's propellor - coil connecting rotor tips rotates within stator coil in sealed housing patent, FR-2238226-A1: patent, FR-2239347-A1: patent, FR-2239797-A1: patent, FR-2239832-A1: patent, FR-2243136-A1: patent, FR-2244132-A1: Combustion furnace for perfect waste burning - has primary and secondary combustion chambers with oil burner and fan patent, FR-2244826-A1: patent, FR-2246498-A1: patent, FR-2246706-A1: Pre-fabricated wall panel - comprising frame encapsulated in rigid plastic foam containing particulate filler patent, FR-2247324-A1: Decorative foil mouldings with injection moulded support - reducing tool costs and cycle times compared with plaster backed mouldings patent, FR-2247384-A1: patent, FR-2247682-A1: Radiator support for adjacent radiator sections - has internal socket in clamping bolt head receiving tool patent, FR-2251319-A1: patent, FR-2251925-A1: patent, FR-2252501-A1: patent, FR-2253344-A1: Removable protective panel for telecommunications - has cheap and simple dust and shock proof cover for equipment racks patent, FR-2254834-A1: patent, FR-2255120-A1: patent, FR-2255233-A1: patent, FR-2256159-A1: patent, FR-2256359-A1: patent, FR-2256370-A1: patent, FR-2256435-A1: patent, FR-2257026-A1: Oscillating radial cylinder hydraulic motor - clearances between pistons and cylinders permit sideways piston tilt patent, FR-2258165-A1: Thixotropic emulsions with a high internal phase content - contg. cosmetics, medicaments, foodstuffs or household products patent, FR-2258232-A1: Method of mounting heat exchanger tubes - uses expansion of part of tube passing through collar of mounting plate hole patent, FR-2258264-A1: patent, FR-2259412-A1: patent, FR-2259583-A1: patent, FR-2259632-A1: Game similar to a jigsaw puzzle - is for several players using a board divided like a jigsaw patent, FR-2259747-A1: Multi-screw ship drive - using a differential and bevel gear transmission from single engine patent, FR-2260023-A1: Cylindrical bearing magnet for high speed rotor - has annular radial positioning grooves on rotor and magnet patent, FR-2260033-A1: patent, FR-2260091-A1: patent, FR-2260156-A1: patent, FR-2260182-A1: patent, FR-2260906-A1: Colour cathode ray tube with in-line electron guns - has device for improved line convergence at top and bottom of picture screen patent, FR-2261080-A1: patent, FR-2262215-A1: Hydraulic system distribution box - has shut-off valve in second circuit opened by pressure in first circuit patent, FR-2262989-A1: 1-Acylamino-5-cyano-4(1H)-oxo-pyrimidines - xanthine oxydase inhibitors, anti-arrhythmics, hypolupemics, anti-phlogistics and hepato-protective agents patent, FR-2263712-A1: patent, FR-2263984-A1: patent, FR-2263987-A1: patent, FR-2264652-A1: patent, FR-2264672-A1: patent, FR-2264824-A1: patent, FR-2265347-A1: patent, FR-2266031-A1: Push button locking system for record player and lid - has sliding button with springs engaging hooked catch on lid patent, FR-2266284-A1: Gas filled polyphase circuit-breaker - has each phase in discrete compartments to limit phase to phase faults patent, FR-2267105-A1: 1-Aza-3-thiacyclohexane-6-carboxylic acid prepn. - by reaction of homocysteine thiolactone hydrochloride with formaldehyde patent, FR-2267260-A1: Dustbin useable with or without liner bag - has rotary cap on boss in base controlling air vent openings patent, FR-2267452-A1: IC engine e.g. for model aircraft - has cylinder axis inclined towards the crankshaft and connecting rod shaped like dumbell patent, FR-2268346-A1: Low voltage cut-off switch for electric motor - has lever system controlled by electromagnet and switching shaft patent, FR-2268393-A1: Bipolar summation cct. with unipolar output - provides polarity information using delay chain and trigger feed to linear output gates patent, FR-2268573-A1: patent, FR-2271195-A1: patent, FR-2271535-A1: patent, FR-2271666-A1: patent, FR-2271983-A1: patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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