Method and system for unlocking dynamic password of mobile terminal



The invention discloses a method and system for unlocking a dynamic password of a mobile terminal. The method comprises the steps that when unlocking is needed, a screen locking interface is started, and a set of initial numbers is automatically and randomly generated; according to the numbers of the screen locking interface, all the numbers are respectively operated according to a preset arithmetical expression to obtain a set of unlocking numbers; the unlocking numbers obtained through the operation are input into the screen locking interface, and the unlocking is completed. The arithmetical expression is preset, the initial numbers are randomly generated on the screen locking interface, a user needs to carry out mental arithmetic according to the initial numbers and the preset arithmetical expression, the unlocking can be smoothly completed only by inputting the accurate operation result, the safety of the terminal is improved, and the leakage of information in the terminal is avoided.




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