Method for one-step method synthesis of stripping hydrotalcite/ hydrotalcite like compound



The invention provides a method for one-step method synthesis of stripping hydrotalcite/ hydrotalcite like compound, and the method comprises the following steps: adding a soluble divalent metal salt, a soluble trivalent metal salt and urea to a three mouth flask containing a hydrogen peroxide solution, wherein the mole ratio of soluble divalent metal salt to soluble trivalent metal salt being 2:1 ~ 5:1, and the mass concentration of the hydrogen peroxide solution being 1% ~ 30%; mechanically stirring the solution for 5 ~ 30min, heating the stirred solution to 120 ~ 150 DEG C, stirring for reflux condensation reaction for 5 ~ 12h at 120 ~ 150 DEG C, and filtering, washing and drying a reaction product to obtain the stripping hydrotalcite/ hydrotalcite like compound. The method can be used for safe, simple and efficient synthesis in an open system, and can control the morphology of a product by controlling the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide solution.




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