Aggregating device of cane harvester



The invention discloses an aggregating device of a cane harvester. The aggregating device comprises an aggregating box, an aggregating box bearing frame, aggregating box dumping oil cylinders, a hoist oil cylinder and a door-shaped support. The door-shaped support comprises two sliding rails, two sliding rods and two lifting chains, the sliding rods are slidably connected in the sliding rails, a sprocket wheel rack is arranged on upper connecting rods of the sliding rods, two ends of the lifting chains are respectively connected with the aggregating box bearing frame and upper connecting rods of the sliding rails, two ends of the hoist oil cylinder are respectively connected with the tail portion of a rack and the upper connecting rods of the sliding rods, two ends of the aggregating box dumping oil cylinders are respectively hinged to the left side of the aggregating box bearing frame and a left side plate of the aggregating box, and the right side of the aggregating box bearing frame is movably connected with the middle of a base plate of the aggregating box. The aggregating device is compact in structure and stable in operation; requirements of dumping points different in height can be adapted during unloading, full-automatic aggregating, unloading and loading processes are realized, production efficiency is improved, and soil and cane heads are prevented from being compacted and crushed, so that next-year sugarcane germination rate is unaffected.




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