Traditional Chinese medicine for treating acute sinusitis



The invention discloses a traditional Chinese medicine for treating acute sinusitis. The traditional Chinese medicine comprises the following raw materials: 10-14g of salviae miltiorrhizae, 4-8g of roasted rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae, 4-8g of ligusticum wallichii, 13-17g of white gourd kernels, 8g of rhizoma cyperi, 10-14g of radix astragali, 13-17g of fennel, 1-5g of dandelion, 6-10g of toddalia asiatica, 1-5g of patrinia, 10-14g of irkutsk anemone rhizome, 6-10g of radix codonopsis, 13-17g of Chinese yam and 4-8g of honeysuckle. The traditional Chinese medicine has the effects of reinforcing qi, tonifying spleen, tonifying qi, clearing out pus, resolving dampness, freeing orifices, stopping pain and eliminating dampness, a remarkable curative effect on the acute sinusitis, a reliable effect and the advantages of wide sources of medicinal components, simple and convenient preparation, mild drug properties and no toxic or side effects.




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