5050 miniwatt packaging eight-pin lamp bead



The invention provides a 5050 miniwatt packaging eight-pin lamp bead. The 5050 miniwatt packaging eight-pin lamp bead comprises four LED wafers with different colors or color temperatures and a 5050 support. The four wafers are mounted at the central position of the 5050 support in a square shape in the mode that the distance of every two wafers is 0.2mm. According to the 5050 miniwatt packaging eight-pin lamp bead, the number and the positional relation of the built-in wafers are set, the color purity of light mixing colors is improved when the visual angle of the lamp bead is larger than 120 degrees, and thus the color consistency can be better reflected under the condition that the lamp bead is watched in a wide-angle and close-range mode.




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