Mosquito incense box



The invention discloses a mosquito incense box. The mosquito incense box comprises a box body and a box cover; a plurality of smoke outlet holes are formed in the box cover; the box body is connected with the box cover through a hinge; an ash blocking plate is arranged inside the box body; the middle of the ash blocking plate which is provided with an ash outlet is downward concave; a cuspidal mosquito incense fixing base is arranged on the ash blocking plate; an ash storage box is arranged under the ash outlet; an opening which enables ash storage penetration to be convenient is formed in the lower portion of the lateral wall of the box body. The mosquito incense box has the advantages of being simple in design, convenient to use and benefited to environmental clean due to the facts that the incense ash is stored in the ash storage box, the ash storage box can be detached when the incense ash is poured out, then the incense ash is poured into a dustbin, and the incense ash cannot be reversed largely.




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