Method for preparing front face electrode silver paste of single crystalline silicon solar cell



The invention provides a method for preparing front face electrode silver paste of a single crystalline silicon solar cell, and belongs to the technical field of manufacturing of solar cells. The method includes the following steps that first, magnesium sulfate, ammonium phosphate, copper sulfate, sodium tetraborate, zinc oxide, silver oxide, titanium oxide and silicon oxide are taken to be smelted for 45-60min, then the fusant is placed into water for quenching, afterwards, block-shaped materials generated through quenching are smashed to be below 200 meshes, and accordingly powder I is obtained; second, the powder I is evenly mixed with carbon powder, then the mixture is sintered for 2-3h in a muffle furnace under 1100-1200 DEG C, the mixture is cooled and then taken out, and powder II is obtained; third, the powder II is ground to be powder with the average grain diameter being 3-6 microns, and powder III is obtained; fourth, the powder III is evenly mixed with silver powder, organic solvent and dispersant, so that silver paste is obtained. According to the front face electrode silver paste of the single crystalline silicon solar cell, modified glass powder is added into the silver paste, and the resistance of the silver paste is lowered.




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