Micro-strip resonance coherent demodulator for AMPSK modulating signals



The invention discloses a micro-strip resonance coherent demodulator for AMPSK modulating signals. After the demodulator directly extracts a coherent carrier from analog signals received through an antenna, the coherent carrier and the received AMPSK modulating signals are superposed, wherein the coherent carrier and a received signal carrier are the same in frequency and strictly opposite in phase. Therefore, an AMPSK modulating signal carrier is restrained, an AMPSK phase modulation time interval is expanded, the signals are demodulated, no analog-digital conversion or down-conversion needs to be carried out on the received signals, and the demodulator can complete coherent carrier extraction and AMPSK modulating signal coherent demodulation only through a micro-strip open-circuit line. According to the micro-strip resonance coherent demodulator for the AMPSK modulating signals, on the premise that the advantages of being high in the spectrum utilization rate of the AMPSK modulating signals and high in information transmission rate are kept, the problems that a traditional demodulation method based on a digital shock filter is limited by analog-digital conversion and the processing rate, and the microwave frequency band modulation signals are hard to demodulate are solved.




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